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Team Members

Dr. James Rouse

Dr. James  Dr. James Rouse

Chief Ruckus Maker, Co-Founder and Formulator

His positivity is infectious. His enthusiasm is enlightening. And his expertise is unequaled. Dr. James is a naturopathic physician, yoga teacher, entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete, father to daughters Dakota and Elli, husband to Debra, award-winning author of ten books and the as-seen-on-TV personality you might recognize from his “Optimum Wellness” segments on NBC. So yeah, he’s a pretty energetic guy. If you want to feel super, just stand next to him. No joke, he radiates warm fuzzies like the sun.

Dr. James is a wellness visionary and naturopathic physician with experience as a Chinese herbalist, personal trainer and certified Yoga instructor. Building on this vast experience to create an inspired, healthier and more fulfilled life, Dr. James has successfully founded and built four companies in consumer packaged goods, media and nutraceuticals, all of which have generated millions of dollars in sales. Dr. James has also authored more than 10 books on the topics of overall wellness, stress and sleep, and in speaking engagements and appearances shared the stage with notables including 
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O’Neal, Dr. Oz, Sir Richard Branson, Robin Sharma and more.


Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett
President & CEO

Robert, an entrepreneurial spirit, has over 20 years of experience growing brands including Burt's Bees and Instinct pet food. He celebrates the "thrill of living" with his amazing wife and three boys. And, when he's not running the company, he's most likely just... running.

Ned Brown
Ned Brown

In his spare time, Ned enjoys cycling. Come winter, he trades in his bike for skis.  He even did that avalanche training thing. When he’s not outside, he’s cooking up organic meals. So basically, he’s like everyone else in Boulder. 

Bobby Macauley
Bobby MacCauley

With a father in finance and a mom who’s a master yogini, Bobby was raised in Denver, CO with a mind for business and an understanding of good health and nutrition. 

Chuck Coyle
Chuck Coyle

When he's not peddling Skoop products online you can find Chuck out pedaling his bike in the Foothills of Boulder.

Lauren Langtim
Lauren Langtim

Lauren is not a Colorado native, but she got out here as soon as she could. When she’s not doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that for Skoop, she loves to cook, see live music, and get outside..

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