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Our Story

Healthy Skoop - Our Story


It all started as a start-up—a happy collision of minds on a mission to create the next generation of plant-based nutrition. Healthy Skoop is the brainchild of Dr. James Rouse (a trained naturopathic physician) and Greg Stroh (the guy behind the deliciousness that is IZZE natural soda). Together, they built a company committed to providing powerful, plant-based powdered nutrition accessible to every everyday superhero.

In short: Healthy Skoop is the on-ramp to a healthier lifestyle for all.

Every Skoop comes fully loaded with everything you need to get your super on:



And great feelings, too - we contribute 3% of every purchase to Project Produce, a give-back initiative we co-founded to help kids eat more fruits and veggies.




We are in business to SPARK a change for the better.  If it’s healthier, happier & hopeful, we’re behind it.  We live by KAIZEN––an approach of continual improvement to always make things even better.  We encourage it in our employees. We develop it in our products. We support it in our customers and partners.
Our dedication to UNWAVERING QUALITY means we cherish every detail of each experience as an opportunity to spark a difference.

You’ll often hear us say, “why look back when you can look forward?”. It’s been IN OUR BLOOD from the beginning. Pioneers in beverages and integrative medicine for decades, WE ARE THE ENCOURAGERS, who add positivity to your day and night.  While we’re at it, we find the time to nourish the minds & bodies of a whole new world of students in public schools with our donation of 3% of sales to Project Produce. It’s not just our choice, it’s our commitment in teaching kids about good nutrition.

Proper nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. It simply starts with our organic fruits and vegetables––like a few Skoops while you walk out the door, midday or before you go to bed. Those moments make the difference because when you nourish your body you feed your soul too.
We’ve seen how our products spark changes in lives, every day. We’ve felt it ourselves and we’re hooked. And once you experience the shift from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted to optimistic and rejuvenated, you’ll know, too.

Every moment and every choice is an opportunity to spark POSITIVITY in your life––like a few Skoops of protein, fruits and vegetables––to brighten your day or soothe your night.

Because a spark ignites, kindles and excites, it shapes our ideas and breakthroughs, it drives our decisions, it fuels our greatest successes. Whenever you experience a spark––no matter how slight––it brings with it HOPE. And once you have a taste of it, you’ll never want to lose it, so we’re with you from sunup to sundown.  

Healthy Skoop – SPARKING a healthier, happier day sunup to sundown.



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