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Our Story

Healthy Skoop - Our Story

A word from Dr. James...


Healthy Skoop was born circa 2012 in Boulder, Colorado to an eclectic but profoundly complementary team of health-minded entrepreneurs. The company was launched by Dr. James Rouse, a naturopathic physician, nutrition and wellness expert, and our chief formulator, and Greg Stroh, a co-founder of the deliciousness that is IZZE natural soda.

Today, Dr. James continues to guide our formulation efforts and also serves the company as our Chief Ruckus Maker. He truly lives out the phrase "food as medicine" and our R&D team leans on him for his vast knowledge of nutrition. Our whole company benefits from his inspiration as he is one of the most positive and energetic people you’re ever likely to meet. Visit our Team page to read more about Dr. James & the rest of the gang.

Skoop got its start via selling mostly online and in local gyms, yoga studios, alternative medicine offices and other wellness-centric establishments around Boulder. In late 2015, we launched in major grocery outlets throughout Colorado including King Soopers and Whole Foods Market. Building on the success of our initial regional launch, we are now rapidly building distribution throughout the US. Visit our Where to Buy page for a full list of stores that currently carry Skoop near you or visit the Shop tab on our site to purchase directly now.


Since our inception, Skoop has been focused on answering this question: how can we make it easy for people to reap the benefits of plant-based nutrition? Because we know that if you take care of yourself with the help of some wholesome plants, you start to feel better. Or at least, a lot better than you would be feeling eating the Standard American Diet, which leaves us feeling tired and wired, overfed and yet somehow still undernourished. When you sub in some plants in place of frankenfood, you find more energy. You’re a better friend-daughter-son-husband-wife. You’re just straight up a nicer person. Therefore, our goal as a company is to make plant-based nutrition a simple, easy choice, in order to help people feel and be awesome, every day.

The more you take care of yourself, the quicker you can get busy doing what you were meant to do...whatever that is. It’s our job to supply the plant-power, it’s your job to go out in the world and be awesome! Deep down, you know there’s a super version of you just dying to bust out of the phone booth. We exist to help you unleash that super you....so go ahead, get your super on! 

Our Story

Our Story


As you can probably tell, we’re pretty into self-care. In fact, Dr. James likes to frame self-care as a revolutionary act within a society that runs on cortisol. This attitude has translated into a super cool company culture. Lunchtime bike rides, workouts, and/or swim sessions are the norm, and we’ve even been known to take the occasional yoga or meditation break when needed. Nutritionally, we all believe in the transformative power of eating real, clean food, and this carries over to our products. On all of our packaging, you’ll notice that we proclaim “made without gluten, soy, dairy, GMOs, funky stuff.” By no funky stuff, we mean no artificial flavors, preservatives, and fillers, chemical additives, or other refined gobbledygook.

We also feel that self-care matters because it enables us to better care for others and the wider world. In partnership with the Chef Ann Foundation, we created Project Produce to provide fruit and veggie educational grants for kids. Grants are awarded to schools who might not have the resources otherwise, and enable them to put on fun and educational events that include fruit & veggie samplings to help kids establish healthy eating habits early in life.


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