How It's Made

How It's Made

The Mix-Mastery Behind Every Skoop

The secret behind Skoop? There isn't one! We opt for transparency over trickery because we think hidden agendas are even bigger bummers than "food" created in a lab. And since we use real fruits, vegetables and plant-based super foods to create our powerful powders, we keep our process real too. We source smartly. And we pamper our ingredients like crazy.


You're Grounded: From Picked to Powdered

So how do fresh fruits and veggies become our ground-up super powders? Naturally, that's how. 


First, we have to remove all the moisture. We dehydrate our ingredients one of two ways:

Ingredients are frozen in a vacuum chamber so that all the ice/water can be removed leaving only the raw materials behind.

Ingredients are put in giant drums and rotated at a temperature high enough to eliminate anything harmful, but low enough to uphold the nutrition. 



, our ingredients are milled through a fine sieve to ensure the result is a smooth, fine powder. This way, everyone can sip, eat and rest easy knowing that every Skoop will dissolve evenly in foods, liquids and, of course, shaker cups.



, the now-powdered ingredients are blended into our special recipes and flavors. So whether you want to bulk up with some Daily Protein or make the most of your morning with Daily Greens, you know you're getting the best formula for the job.



, the finished tubs are sent off to super Skoopers like you. Talk about powder to the people.


The Golden Rule: Ingredient Integrity

They say to treat others how you want to be treated. We do that, and then we extend the same courtesy to our food—always choosing the technique that best maintains ingredient's nutritional value, taste and awesomeness. Like, beets are best freeze-dried, so we use freeze-dried beets. Pea protein rocks when it's drum-dried, so…well…you get the idea.

Let's Be Friends: Handpicked Partners

Our producers are the best in the business. Some make their own ingredients and others let us select our own vendors. It's a very kumbaya way to do things: we make friends, and then we choose which friends should create which products based on what they do best. The result? The best, most super-est Skoops ever. 

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