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Thresholds to Awesome

March 01, 2017

Thresholds to Awesome

I am aware of and grateful for the truth that I can choose to change, to shift, open and create awesome in my life now and anytime or anywhere I desire. By the time you finish reading this column your body will have successfully replaced old cells with millions of new ones. By the end of this day, your mind will have had the opportunity to create a consciousness that moves you and the world around you to a higher knowing with thousands of new thoughts. How can you stay awake and demonstrate your greatness in every moment today?

Every day you will walk thru hundreds of doorways. First thing in the morning from your bedroom into your bathroom, another one into your kitchen and from there into and out of your car, your workplace and home again. Each of these doors represents a moment to remind yourself who you really are and what you want to be demonstrating now-and always. Use this moment to call to mind a quick and affirmative action such as, "what would love do now?" This positive prompt will re-engage you to take a stand for love, to be love and to express what you know to be the truth hundreds of entry's and exits each day-your whole day and life as a walking meditation and moving prayer.

Choose to use food to create great. You can feed your head and mind throughout the day in a way that builds greater confidence, creativity, courage, optimism, peace and love. Set your intentions along with your table with the burning desire to feed your fire to be on purpose, to serve and enlighten. The real "breakfast of champions" is made with lean proteins and whole, complex carbohydrates. This positive pairing will enable your brain to manufacture optimal levels of serotonin-thus supporting you to create greater balance, optimism and peace throughout your day. Use mid morning and mid afternoon as "well-being windows"-snacking on nuts and seeds will encourage the production of brain compounds that instill both confidence and motivation. When you eat to live and give your calories become sources for serving and your life a vision of soaring!

Your mind and your body are poised to catch fire and make real your life "mission magnificence". How awesome are you willing to feel? What edges are you ready to push? What desire is ready to manifest thru you-as you?  The door is open, the table is set-and the Universe awaits your grand entrance!

- Dr. James Rouse

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