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Find Your Ikigai

March 01, 2017

Find Your Ikigai

Find Your Ikigai to Perform Your Mission Possible!

OMG, where do I find an IKIGAI? Or do I really want to? You absolutely do if you are interested in living longer and stronger-and quite possibly not just witnessing your own happy 100 year birthday but a truly happy and HEALTHY 100 year birthday! We can learn about inspired, empowered and enlightened longevity from IKIGAI which is the Okinawan word for “a reason to get up in the morning that is bigger than myself”!

Okinawa boasts (without ego) the largest population of centenarians in the world. They have openly shared their secrets to not just making it to 100 but “crushing” it. A few of their anti-aging “vitamins” include: strong friends and family ties, a love for exercise that much more resembles play, a daily dose of sweet potatoes and yes…IKIGAI which I could be wonderfully translated as purpose showing up as service.

Work this way. Okinawan’s do not have a word in their culture for “retirement” simply does not exist. While we (may) have dreams for dismounting from our desks, cubicles and or other spaces of our craft by no later than 65 and landing in warmer climes decorated with palm tress and putting greens. The average Okinawan works well into their 80’s with circulating love as a reason to get up in the morning. While we are debating this fact while balancing our 401 K we may be further inspired to raise our own “pay” by being on purpose and going for satisfaction over salary. The longest live people have shown to excel at simply knowing that we are alive to the degree that we serve…rise and shine with your IKIGAI! xoxoxoxo

- Dr. James Rouse

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