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Be A Eudaimoniac

October 17, 2016

Be A Eudaimoniac

By Dr. James Rouse

Be A Eudaimoniac

I have lots of good work to do-how about you? Between morning meditation, wind sprints and whipping up my raw, organic gluten free muesli I have been working on the humbling yet inspiring art of living practice of being on purpose vs. being about the outcome. This practice is paying tremendous dividends as I see that my openness to be present is widening, the experience of mindfulness creating exquisite peace and the sweet surrender of witnessing my ego getting lost as it goes and looks for food while I focus more on feeding my soul. This daily work has been blessing my spirit abundantly. The empowering “side effect” is that it is also blessing my whole mind and body!

You may have been hearing and learning about “chronic inflammation” as a driver for devastating diseases from Alzheimer’s to heart disease and many types of cancer. Much of what can keep this type of inflammation under healthy wraps is within our control-a whole foods, plant based diet, spirited exercise and other proactive and positive lifestyle rituals. Mindfulness practices and meditation are also powerful anti-inflammatory medicines clinically shown to lower the most potent blood and hormone markers associated with creating and feeding these diseases. The beauty and the blessing of each of these expressions self love and self-care is that when coupled with the art of “eudaimonia” your self-created chemistry for experiencing vitality, vibrancy and vigor takes on another level of awesome!

Healthy Skoop Eudaimonia

Eudaimonia is more than an impressive “Scrabble” word-in fact, we can live in a state of Eudaimonia and with this courageous commitment we will have an opportunity to align our wellness practices with high purpose. The Greek word “Eudaimonia’s” essence is “human flourishing” and research published in the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences encourages us to embrace this noble way of being to further douse the fires of chronic inflammation. The researchers chose to define eudaimonia as a state of living with noble purpose. And they discovered that this way of being is a highly healthy way of living in that those who do “show the most favorable genetic predisposition to health, wellness, longevity and disease prevention associated with inflammation”. When they studied people who they deemed lived more often in a state of flourishing and noble purpose-they found that “their genes” did the same.

Kale, mindfulness and push-ups…oh my! Add a daily dose of eudaimonia and you have all the ingredients for healthy “fire fighting” and instead/moreover the opportunity and honor to channel its power into the perfect recipe for living your life on fire with purpose and passion!

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