5 Amazing Benefits of CBD

December 01, 2019

5 Amazing Benefits of CBD

CBD oil is huge right now as countless experts and consumers wake-up to the amazing benefits of this natural substance. For millennia humans have turned to marijuana in times of need, and we now have solid scientific evidence to back up the claims made about this miraculous substance.

At Dr. James and Co. you can enjoy the finest CBD oil in a nutrient-dense and super-delicious form—an uplifting way to start your day or wind down on an evening. This is the perfect way to sample this amazing substance, but if you’re still not sure how CBD works or what sort of benefits it can provide, this article is for you!

Just take a look at these 5 amazing benefits of CBD:

1. It Can Calm You Down

In the high-stress, high-energy modern world, it’s easy to feel like everything is getting on top of you. Anti-anxiety drugs are more common than ever and people are also turning to recreational drugs, alcohol, and other damaging habits. But you don’t need to, as CBD oil could provide the same benefits without the potential for abuse and without the nasty side effects.

CBD oil has proven to be an effective anti-depressant in animal studies, and a 2019 study also found a dose of CBD to be effective at reducing anxiety when compared to placebo. These benefits have been known for years by CBD users, but science is now beginning to provide concrete evidence for them.

The anxiety connection is one of the strongest and the most promising. Scientists believe that these benefits are the result of the way the chemical interacts with serotonin receptors, the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood, and one that most antidepressants act upon.

2. It Can Soothe Pain

Cannabis is an incredibly effective painkiller and this benefit is provided by many of the 100 or so chemicals the plant contains. CBD may be responsible for some of those benefits and this is the result of its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system, a series of neurotransmitters that bind to the compounds in cannabis.

CBD can reduce inflammation, a known cause of chronic pain. Animal studies have shown that doses of CBD are highly effective in reducing the markers of pain, and this has been confirmed by countless anecdotal reports in humans. CBD is particularly effective at reducing pain caused by chronic inflammation, including arthritis and other joint conditions, but it may also help with migraines and headaches.

3. It Could Help with Insomnia

CBD’s relaxing properties could aid with restful sleep, helping the millions of Americans that suffer from insomnia and other sleep disturbances. It can also help with some of the side effects of sleep deprivation, including stress, inflammation, and low energy levels.

Sleep deprivation is incredibly damaging to both your physical and mental health. It’s something that can also impact your family life and your career, making you irritable, impacting performance and concentration.

The medications used to treat insomnia are effective, but they are also addictive and can leave you feeling groggy and fatigued the following day. CBD doesn’t do any of these things but it could be just as effective at helping you to drift off to sleep.

4. It Could Protect Your Mind

It is believed that CBD can provide a host of neuroprotective benefits, while also helping those with neurological disorders. This means that regular CBD use could help to reduce the chance of neurological diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, while also helping those who suffer from seizures and from diseases like MS.

A 2014 study found that a mixture of CBD and THC was able to reduce spasms in MS sufferers by as much as 75%. Another study gave pure CBD to patients with epilepsy and discovered that it reduced seizures by as much as a third.

5. It Could Help in the Fight Against Cancer

    CBD has shown to have anti-tumor effects when tested on breast, brain, colon, lung, and prostate cancers. These effects have been limited to test-tubes for the most part and it is a huge leap to go from that to eradicating cancer cells in the human body, but it’s promising, nonetheless.

    In the meantime, CBD is being used to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with cancer and cancer care, including nausea, pain, tiredness, and stress.

    Chemotherapy puts the body under immense stress and it’s not always easy to manage these symptoms in a way that won’t cause additional harm or jeopardise the healing process. However, CBD may provide some relief and at the very least it warrants further research to determine just how effective it can be when used in cancer treatments.

    Discover the Amazing Properties of CBD Today

    CBD is not marijuana. It will not get you high or make you paranoid; you don’t need to smoke it and it won’t cause a “bad trip”. These are misconceptions, albeit understandable ones. Our CBD comes from a hemp plant.

    The CBD Bites sold by Dr James and Co. do not contain THC, which means you don’t need to worry about any negative side effects. You will get all the miraculous healing benefits of CBD without any of the side effects or other issues.

    So, stock-up today and experience this substance for yourself.

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