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Make Ahead Skoop Protein Vegan Oat Bowls

August 25, 2016

Make Ahead Skoop Protein Vegan Oat Bowls

Mexican Chocolate Overnight Oats (V/GF)

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Overnight Oats (V/GF)

Optional: shredded coconut, almonds, additional slices of banana or strawberry.

  1. Shake together 1 C almond milk and 1 Skoop of the  B-Strong Choco-lot Protein Powder in a blending bottle.
  2. Get out two bowls and mix together the measured amounts of oats and chia seeds for each flavor.
  3. In the Mexican Chocolate, add the cinnamon, cayenne, banana and vanilla.
  4. In the Strawberry, add the strawberries and the vanilla.
  5. Evenly pour the protein-almond milk mixture over the two bowls and stir thoroughly.
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge over night.
  7. The next morning, top with optional additions. I prefer using coconut on the Strawberry and almonds on the Mexican Chocolate as well as topping with the related additional fruit.

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